Under the weather


I’ve been under the weather again. The vet couldn’t seem to pinpoint the cause and finally decided it was muscle strain. She gave me some IV fluids, a shot of pepcin, some pain meds and a bill. I’m wondering if other tripawds have general – and rather regular – vague pain complaints. I admit I was skeptical of her diagnosis, but the drugs worked and I’m feeling better. I actually got out into the salt marsh yesterday and bounded, yes, bounded, through the grass. I’ve worked hard to get my weight down and keep it there, but I continue to wonder whether a harness would help since I have to do stairs. When I look at them online, I wonder how they would fit with a front leg amputation. I am short and about 20 pounds, but I have a significant chest. Thoughts?

I’ve come so far

My rescuer just sent me pictures of the area of San Juan where I was hit and left for dead. She describes it as “ugly.” This is the very spot where I was struck and close to the ditch she found me in. Unlike so many tripawds, I didn’t lose my leg to disease — or maybe I did, the disease of indifference. ¬†Thank dog there are caring people to balance those who don’t.¬†hood