Scarf support


I’m sporting my new Save A Sato scarf at the recent reunion, but I arrived wearing my Tripawds scarf, relegated to my leash for the day. It was perfect for the Yellow Dog Project!

2 thoughts on “Scarf support”

  1. Charlie, those colors look GREAT on you!

    And I agree, the yellow bandannas are excellent Yellow Dog awareness tools aren’t they? We totally get that.

    Next time let’s see the front of your handsome self!

  2. Thanks, Jerry. In addition to promoting sato sterilization, tripawd support and rescue, we also advocate for the Yellow Dog Project. So many of us prefer not to be approached unless it’s on our terms. Unfortunately, the word doesn’t seem to spread much about the significance of a yellow ribbon on a leash or collar. We were stunned at a recent large dog gathering how few people knew what it meant. We’ll keep spreading the word.

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