I’ve come so far

My rescuer just sent me pictures of the area of San Juan where I was hit and left for dead. She describes it as “ugly.” This is the very spot where I was struck and close to the ditch she found me in. Unlike so many tripawds, I didn’t lose my leg to disease — or maybe I did, the disease of indifference. ¬†Thank dog there are caring people to balance those who don’t.¬†hood

2 thoughts on “I’ve come so far”

  1. Charlie, you’ve come VERY far. How sad to think of the neglected, unloved life you lived there, it breaks my heart to know you and so many dogs hurt at the hands of stupid people.

    What keeps me from just feeling completely hopeless is knowing that love rules all, and that the number of good people out there always outweigh the bad, even though sometimes it doesn’t seem that way. I know you know that though, you’re a doggie, with the purest, most forgiving form of love that there is. Oh how I envy you sweetie.


  2. Thank you Sato Charlie for being here on this site and touching our hearts so deeply. You are such a good will ambassador for love on so , any different mm levels!

    But wait! We have a post without a picture of you in it?? NO, NO! We must see that adorable mug!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

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