Hump day

yawnI got up this morning, then crawled under a chair because it just seemed like too much. Some Wednesdays are as bad as Mondays, especially with yet another nor’easter bearing down.

2 thoughts on “Hump day”

  1. CHARLIE!!! CHAAAAAARLIE! OMD! I’ll be grinning for days!

    What a great picture! Yoj are a smie maker!!

    Actually, really glad you posted today. Jus want you to know…and youprobaly already do…the plight of the “Russian stray dogs” has hit the news big time and all sorts of people are stepping in tohelp. A kind wealthy gentleman fro Russia is spending hunreds of thousands to help get the pups placed in caring homes. Thanks for helping to bring this to everyone’s attention.

    Yet another reason to smile!

    Love yoj Sato Charlie…a d your momma too!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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