What a compliment!

bedI was at the vet yesterday and she gave me a compliment that only people who read this can appreciate. She said my amputation “was beautifully done.” Thanks to Save A Sato and the vets who do so much work for them. Also, she was most impressed with my 5-pound weight loss! I attribute it to going g-free.

3 thoughts on “What a compliment!”

  1. Way to go Sato Charlie! It’s not that the amputation site looks good…..it’s that YOU make the amputation site look good!! You wear it beautifully!

    Cngratulations on the weight loss!! I showed this to Happy Hannah to help motivate her. She just wagged her tail and went and picked up her food bowl! We’ll keep working on it though!

    You are a very, very handsome boy Charlie! Thanks for sharing such a happy update.

    Hugs…and a few extra low calorie treats to you tonight!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Awwww that’s awesome. Yep, there is a LOT to be said by a well-done amputation procedure. When all is said and done, you can definitely tell who got the Blue Light Special and who got top quality care! It’s not necessarily about how much the surgery cost, but about how caring and thoughtful the vet was who did it.

    Charlie it’s great to start my day with your handsome face!

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