It’s almost pawty time

I need to start planning the sato reunion I’m hosting this spring (there will be other tripawds there, too). Anyone have any good ideas for a reunion pawty? The money raised will support spay/neuter in San Juan. Is the look too much?pawty

2 thoughts on “It’s almost pawty time”

  1. Oh Sato Charlie, you are the epitome of a style trending party animal!! Great photo Charlie!!!

    And applause to yoj for wanting to raise money to help other pups! You mght want to check ot e of the forum threads…I think it’s devoted to tripawd parties (in fact i think that’s the title) ad you might find some good ideas there.

    Charlie, you could set up a “kissing booth” and I bet you’d raise a lot of money by offering some of your sweet kisses to everyone!

    You make me smile Sato Charlie! Thank you!

    Hugs and love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. OMG never too much! That costume is YOU!!!

    We do have a Tripawd Parties discussion forum topic here

    As far as ideas, I have actually seen one Tripawd with a kissing booth and of course there’s always fun contests you can hold (i.e., hot dog toss) and to be in it, people can pay a little entry fee that would raise funds.

    This sounds like a great time!

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