A touch of spring

There’s a hint of spring at the coast today. My BFF Stella’s exhausted because she went to the beach. I stayed home, but did get to hop around outside without worrying about ice for a change. Did I mention I have now lost 6 pounds and am pretty much perfect?

5 thoughts on “A touch of spring”

  1. Charlie, I’m pretty sure you knew you were perfect even before you lost the 6 pounds! We all knew that already, too!! Hopefully next time you can join your besty Stella at the beach!!

  2. Thanks, Maximutt. Well, you are close to correct (about the perfection). Honestly, I don’t love the beach, even though I was born on an island and live on the coast now. I prefer not to get wet or sandy.

  3. Sweet pivtir of two good friends

    Sato Charlie, time for you to eat some ice cream and cake! You need a little bit of extra fat so Stella can use you as a pillow!

    Glad to know all is well in yojr world and you’re still cute as ever!!

    Hugs to all,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. Glad you’re getting rid of that icky snow and wintry weather. You lost HOW MUCH weight? Holy moly I had no idea you needed to lose a few pounds, you sure carried it well. But congrats, it’s not easy to drop pounds but you did it! And I know you feel much much better because of it. Yay for you and your Momma, you guys are a great team!

  5. Thanks, Sally, HH and Jerry! Yes, I am proud of my weight loss, attributable to thyroid medication and a new, g-free diet. The vet prescribed the former, me the latter. She says I could still lose one more pound to get back to my fighting weight of 18. I feel so much better and have found my puppyhood again. Now, if Mother Nature would turn that nor’easter that’s bearing down away from the coast …

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