Satos and elephants

True story: Someone was watching “100,000” today, a gut-wrenching film about the satos (street dogs) of Puerto Rico. I didn’t pay any attention, even though it was filled with barking dogs and in Spanish, my native tongue. Then I heard a voice that made me sit up and bark and bark and bark. It was Gloria Marti, the president of Save A Sato, the group that saved me from the streets and had my leg amputated. I haven’t heard her voice since I left San Juan about seven years ago. Like elephants, those who have kindness extended never forget. Consider that when you have the chance to help someone out, whether they are two-, three-, or four-legged.

2 thoughts on “Satos and elephants”

  1. Sato Charlie, that’s wonderful! Nope, you wouldn’t forget a kind voice like the woman who saved your life!

    Nor the kind voice of the woman who “write for you” and gave you a spendid life!

    Such a heartwarming story…thank you for sharing! Alwaus god t her from yoj!


    Saly and Happy Hannah

  2. Awww Charlie, I can imagine how her voice must have been like angels from the heavens singing to you. For it’s people like that who are indeed, angels here on earth.


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